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Redhead Sporting Clubs

CLUB REDHEAD - Sporting Clubs

CLUB REDHEAD is the host of several sporting clubs.

They include: Redhead Women's Bowling Club, Redhead Retired Bowlers, Redhead Flying Bowlers, Redhead Fishing Club and Redhead Golf Club.


Redhead Fishing Club

CLUB REDHEAD - Fishing Club

Anglers enjoying their fishing

Come along and enjoy Deep Sea, Beach, Lake and Fresh Water Fishing.
We have interclub visits throughout the year and various trips away to great fishing spots.
Redhead Fishing Club welcomes both male and female members and meets at CLUB REDHEAD to weight in every second Sunday at 4pm in the BBQ area.
Fees are $8.00 to become a member of CLUB REDHEAD and $7.00 for Fishing Club Membership.

For enquiries please contact The Fishing Club President Ian Murray on 0412 681 694.
Redhead Fishing Club a great way to go!

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Redhead Golf Club

Do you love Golf? 

Social play accounts for almost two thirds of all Golf participation in Australia. CLUB REDHEAD - Redhead Golf Club

If you would like to enjoy some great social games of Golf with a terrific group, then Redhead Social Golf Club may be for you.

Fees are $8.00 to become a member of CLUB REDHEAD and $7.00 membership for Redhead Social Golf Club.

For enquiries please contact John Doolan on 0408447229.

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Retired Bowlers

CLUB REDHEAD - Retired Bowlers

Are a wonderful group of retired gentlemen who meet every Thursday and enjoy a fun, relaxed and casual game of Bowls. The Retired Bowlers also host and visit other clubs throughout the year.

Fees are $8.00 to become a member of CLUB REDHEAD and $5.00 membership for Redhead Retired Bowlers.

New Bowlers are always welcome and can come along any Thursday at 1.00pm.


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Redhead Women's Bowling Club

CLUB REDHEAD - Retired Bowlers

Ladies, are you looking for some social contact and looking for a new challenge and don't know how or where to go about it. Then come and give Lawn Bowls a go.

The Redhead Women's Bowling Club rolls up on a Wednesday (experience is not necessary). Enjoy great company, a picnic lunch, good prizes and a great day of bowling. Entries accepted between 9.00am and 9.30am.

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